August 18, 2020

Jimi Hendrix: the slot machine offers various ways to win

slot machine offers various ways to win

Renowned for its games with a rock’n’roll atmosphere, NetEnt offers an original slot machine through the very musical Jimi Hendrix. Rock fans will recognise the name of a guitarist who has left his mark on generations. The playful proposal with her image is out of the ordinary with 20 paylines and a multitude of bonuses. Its 5 reels are full of pleasant surprises.

Purple Haze, wilds, free spins and everything you need to please.

Available in virtual casinos, Jimi Hendrix includes some random gaming options. With the Purple Haze for example, you have a multitude of winning lines. It is triggered when the Jimi Hendrix icon appears on the first reel. This feature turns the 10, J, Q, K and AS squares into wilds. Considered as formidable jokers, these last ones boost your points significantly. Another alternative gives you the right to a Re-Spin. You can spin the slots again if you get 4 red guitars in a row. It is also possible to end up with a mini gift game. You are faced with a stack of amps and speakers. Some of them contain additional playful suggestions.

With the win corner, for example, the odds of winning the game are about 30 times higher than on the main reels. You can also try the Crosstown Traffic and the Little Wing. What they all have in common is that they offer you the maximum number of free spins. In any case, you have to click on the right speaker to be entitled to a real treasure. All you have to do is discover the same symbol 3 times to win a prize. You can also pick up more points thanks to the scatter. This symbol with the guitarist dressed in white unlocks the bonus games. If you have this icon on reels 3, 4 and 5 then you can access Pick and Click. It’s a mini-game, with lots of surprises.

Pick and Click Feature, and real money to be won.

The Purple Haze and free spins make Jimi Hendrix more addictive than you think. This gaming option offers up to 12 extra games during which you won’t need to spend your money. You should just have 3 guitars on a purple background. That said, the best weapon of seduction in this slot is undoubtedly the Pick and Click Feature bonus. It is only triggered when 3 symbols depicting the musician and his favourite instrument appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. At this point, you may also find yourself facing the stack of speakers containing the mini games. There are more features to discover along the way during your rock session. When Jimi Hendrix dressed in a white suit appears, you have the famous dispersion that activates the Pick and Click option. The latter gives you the choice between 4 additional micro-parts.

You can get an average of 1,000 parts with these options as a gift. You have the possibility to bet between 2 cents and 200 euros according to your desires, but above all your budget. Your profits will be proportional to the risk taken. You only need to bet 100 euros to hope to win nearly 80,000 euros. You don’t necessarily have to know the symbols and paylines by heart. Just remember that the images of Jimi Hendrix himself increase your points considerably. Another simplistic option is to press Autoplay. The slot machine runs autonomously for 100 spins during which you can win the 800,000 euro jackpot! Either way, this trick allows you to win or lose depending on your luck. Finally, you can install Jimi Hendrix on any connected device. In addition to the computer and tablet, the mobile phone can also support this fun proposal from NetEnt.