October 2, 2020

Stacked wilds: Increase your chances of winning at the karaoke party

Stacked wilds

With karaoke games on slot machines, it is possible to multiply the winnings thanks to stacked wilds. These stacked wilds are symbols that allow you to have a winning combination and can increase considerably. To better understand how these elements work, read through the article.

Notion about stacked wilds

Stacked wilds are stacked symbols that offer the possibility of obtaining a winning combination through several paylines. Like tetris games, each time a winning combination is made up, it disappears and gives way to other symbols placed on the reels. As long as winning combinations are available, this will happen again.

Generally, stacked wilds are presented as symbols of 2, 3, 4 or 5. Other slots have stacked wilds that appear as part of the free spin bonus. So when you combine them with multipliers you have a better chance of winning the jackpot.

Most online slots have wild symbols. This is a symbol that occupies a spot on the reels and substitutes for all symbols in the game. As there are different types of slot machines, some have many Wilds. Others have very few Wilds. Some even only display Wilds in selected reels.

How do I recognise stacked wilds ?

Stacked wilds are fairly easy to recognise. They have a single symbol that descends before it expands to fill the space around it. In particular, they can expand to fill all the rolls, or they can expand just on top or at the bottom.

All games have different rules for this type of symbol. In particular, you can refer to the winnings tables to access the necessary information. In order to access them, you will have to look for the button on the game interface. There you will find a section presenting the menu, the paytable and other features.

Stacked wilds allow you to complete winning combinations by substituting other symbols on the reels. They have great potential to be a winning combination as they can be spread over a wide area. Indeed, the other wilds can only cover one part of the reel.

Advantages and disadvantages of stacked wilds

In order to get more winnings from your games, especially karaoke parties, stacked wilds can multiply your paylines. In addition, they offer the possibility to multiply your winnings by using Stacked wilds symbols such as 2X, 3X, and others.

However, like any type of slot machine, Stacked wilds pay from right to left. Therefore, you must first touch the symbols on the right in order to activate the winning lines.

Tips for winning

As with any other type of game, in order to win and master the game, the first step would be to check the payout table before starting. This would allow you to access all the information regarding the game and the payment method.

Also, before investing money, it would be better to start with the free games. This would save you from risking a sum without being experienced. Once you have practiced with the free games, you will be able to switch to the paid mode and get winnings.

Afterwards, you should be aware of the volatility and even the frequency of payment of the slot machines. There are machines that pay with fairly low payouts and others can offer large payouts. This greatly influences your chances of winning.