August 10, 2020

How the multiplier trail works

multiplier trail

To increase the chance of winning a considerable amount of money, there are bonuses to be exploited on the slot machines. Various multipliers are available to increase the chances of winning. Amongst others, the Multiplier trail is a consecutive trail of winnings on which each win leads to a multiplication of your winnings. To better understand how it works, you can find more information here.

Notion about multipliers

Nowadays, several types of bonuses and promotions are offered on online slot games. Various symbols can increase the chances of winning. Some of the best known include multipliers.

Typically, multipliers are bonuses associated with regular winnings. For example, you can hit free spins after each spin. If it is attached to a multiplier of three, it means that your winnings will be multiplied by three. Thanks to these multipliers, you have the chance to win a considerable amount of money.

Multipliers can be found in the basic and bonus games. Currently, there are countless models of multipliers available. These include the Wild Multiplier, the Regular Multiplier, the Progressive Multiplier, as well as the multipliers associated with bonuses. These include freespins, pick me bonus, wheel of fortune, and the trail bonus, which is identical to the multiplier trail.

Principle of the multiplier trail

Essentially, multiplier trails are a game that allows you to increase your winnings after each completed win. Thus, the amount you win increases enormously.

Just like if you play a game and you get a winning combination of 3 symbols, these will be replaced and multiplied by a new set of symbols. If you manage to form other winning combinations, this will multiply the symbols even more.

Therefore, with the multiply trail, the more consecutive wins you get, the more money you will earn. This offers the opportunity to win a fairly large amount of money if you get good winning combinations.

The payout multipliers depend largely on the type of game. Some games may be limited to a 10 X multiplication. Others can go up to even higher values. Information about the maximum multiplication value and the level is shown on the winnings table.

Likewise, some games can start with 1X and reach up to a multiplication of 200X. This gives you the opportunity to access large payouts.

Choosing between the basic game and bonuses

Some slots with the Multiplier Trail feature may have a multiplier applied to both the basic game and the bonus. Sometimes the multipliers with the basic game are smaller compared to those with the bonuses. In this case, with a basic game, you could win up to 5X by forming successive wins. On the other hand, with a bonus game, it could be up to 15X.

For other games, there are many requirements before multiplying is activated. As with the Diamond Inferno game, you will have to start with a payout of 5 reels and 3 rows. All consecutive wins increase the pay zones. Once the pay zone reaches 5 reels and 6 rows, this activates the multiply trail. At this level, consecutive winnings increase the multiplier by 2, 3, 5, or 10.

How much you enjoy the game depends on each player. If you like slots that are simple and easy to play, the Multiplier Trail may not be for you. However, if you prefer to have your winnings multiplied throughout the game, you will enjoy it.

Plus, this game can lead to huge payouts. Among other things, with games that allow multipliers up to 200X, the rewards are immense.